#WorkingTomorrow: TASC’s Future of Work Summit

This Friday, December 4, at 11:00am EST, (17:00 CET) the new Geneva-based TASC Platform is convening an inaugural online summit. The second Future of Work Summit will encourage the international community to think ahead from crisis to change. This interactive, virtual event will bring together leaders, experts, and practitioners from across sectors, in Geneva and beyond, to explore the unprecedented changes to work as we know it over the course of 2020 and their implications for the future. 

Join us during our breakout session at the upcoming Future of Work Summit! As a part of nex20, we created the project #WorkingTomorrow: Visions of the Future where we asked children to draw their dream jobs in the year 2040. During the summit breakout session, participants will tell us which drawings inspire them and why. 

Register for the summit, which is free and open to all.


The Thinking Ahead on Societal Change (TASC) Platform brings together business, civil society, government, and research to foster dialogue and collaboration on the Future of Work.