Watt d’Or Travels to the Energy Institute at University of Wisconsin Madison

The first annual Watt d’Or Exhibition, originally showcased in Boston last year, is now on the road, traveling throughout the US. Currently it resides at University of Wisconsin’s Energy Institute, showing through August 28th.

Watt d’Or is an annual award that recognizes the best energy projects from Switzerland; it’s awarded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. There are five different categories: society, energy technologies, renewable energy, energy efficient mobility, and building and space. One of the Watt d’Or’s main goals is to encourage and motivate the development of new projects within the energy industry. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase the winning projects, as a means by which to create a dialogue and establish collaborations with key players in academia and the public & private sector. The hope is that the projects will spark future interactions and forge new bonds.

For more information on Watt d’Or’s current showing in Madison, see here.