ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships

The most extraordinary thinkers and doers are coming to Switzerland. Are you one of them? Apply for a ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship by January 31! 

The ThinkSwiss program is your opportunity to get involved with Switzerland – a global, knowledge-based country full of innovation, talent, and creativity. The program offers research scholarships at top Swiss universities to highly motivated and qualified U.S. and Canadian students.

US_Embassy_ThinkSwiss2017_DigitalThinkSwiss supports the exchange of expertise and know-how in policy-making, innovation, academia and the business community in Switzerland, the USA and Canada by engaging opinion leaders and forwardlooking thinkers in a creative environment. ThinkSwiss is an official program of the Swiss Confederation.

Read about other students’ ThinkSwiss experiences and stay tuned for updates on the ThinkSwiss application process at


Contact for students in the US:

Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America

Office of Science, Technology and Higher Education

Tel. +1 (202) 745-7983


Contact for students in Canada:

Embassy of Switzerland in Canada

Science, Research and Education Office

Tel. +1 (613) 235-1837 (x804120)