Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2015 in Zürich

Press Release, DETEC, 08/13/2015

The United States of America and Switzerland are currently undergoing a fundamental transformation of the energy sector that poses huge new challenges to society, science, economy and politics. Tackling these challenges will require the most brilliant minds in both countries. The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days from August 19 – 21, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland, will bring them all togeth­er in order to exchange perspectives, and to share expertise and practical experiences in the emerging new energy world. Around 300 high-level representatives have registered for the different workshops and events. The 2015 edition of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days focuses on Integrated Building Systems. Organized under the auspices of the Swiss Minister of Energy Doris Leuthard, the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days offer a unique platform for high-level attendees from both the North American and Swiss energy communities to showcase the best energy technologies, projects and market innovations, expand their network, explore potentials for innovation and learn more about doing business in Switzerland and the US.

The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2015, revolving around the topic of Integrated Building Systems, are jointly organized by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and swissnex Boston, the Consulate of Switzerland.

“This year’s Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days are particularly important and interesting,” says Dr. Walter Steinmann, Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. “Over the next few decades, we will see a profound change in our energy systems: The way we produce, distribute, store, sell and buy and also the way we use energy will completely shift. Right now, we are experiencing rapid advances in integrated and smart energy technologies, energy systems planning and new, practical applications. The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days are the ultimate platform to discuss current and future developments, learn about the latest technologies and get inspired by the best entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, accelerators, incubators and associations both from the USA and Switzerland.”

“Innovative and smart energy technologies offer a substantial growth opportunity for the trade between US and Swiss companies”, adds Chris Watts, Regional Director Americas, Africa and Arabia, at Switzerland Global Enterprise, which is mandated by the Swiss government to support Swiss companies’ internationalisation. “The thriving US economy drives demand for new energy solutions which Swiss companies can supply at highest international quality standards. The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days are going to contribute to this win-win-exchange.”

“It is important to exchange best practices and new solutions for the future energy supply in an international context and with an adequate regularity,” says Adrian Altenburger, Vice President of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects. “I am delighted that only one year after the initial implementation in Boston now the second event in Zurich will allow us to develop a further and ongoing common path to reduce CO2-emissions and non-renewable energy sources.” The objective of the SIA’s „Energieleitbild Bau“ (Energy Guidelines for Buildings) is to establish a consistent and sustainable basis for Switzerland’s building stock and encourage intelligent use of the resource energy.

A direct result of last year’s Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days in Boston

“The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2015 are a direct result of last year’s efforts to promote the best Swiss energy innovation projects in Boston” says Felix Moesner, Swiss Consul and CEO of swissnex Boston. “The inauguration exhibition of the Watt d’Or Award in Boston, which is currently been shown in Chicago and Madison and traveling around the world, sparked collaboration on governmental level between Massachusetts and Switzerland, on academic level between ETH Zurich and MIT as well as in the private sector. Top US & Swiss talents in the energy field will discuss today’s issues and opportunities with the aim to start new collaborations.” Since 2000, swissnex Boston helps to connect the dots on both sides of the ocean in education, research and innovation.

“The United States and Switzerland have decided to tackle the significant challenges of bringing the ways of producing, distributing and consuming energy on a long-term, sustainable footing. In the US, Massachusetts and California are leading by example”, says Professor André Haelg, Dean and Managing Director of the ZHAW School of Management and Law. “As one of the leading University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, the ZHAW is working closely together with its international university partners in applied energy research programs. The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days thus epitomizes our mandate of bringing international science and business together to find practical solutions to these global challenges. We are proud to be hosting the two-day workshops in Zurich.”

Watch a recap of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2014 in Boston below!