Stratton Dinner celebrates Swiss graphic Design

October 21, the Friends of Switzerland (FOSI) are hosting their 50th Annual Stratton Award Dinner. This year, the organization is honoring the ‘Swiss Style’ and the influential work of designer/educators Armin Hofmann, Chris Pullman, and Philip Burton.


Dinner will be preceded by a champagne reception and chamber concert, and followed by a presentation on the legendary Armin Hofmann.


Event Details

Friday, October 21, 2016

6:00 – 10:00 PM

at the Hampshire House, 84 Beacon Street, Boston

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FOSI, as it is familiarly known, was founded in 1964 to foster friendship, interest, and understanding between the United States and Switzerland. Its Stratton Prize winners, exemplifying the fruitfulness of the exchange of ideas and technologies between our two countries, have come from many fields, including the arts, diplomacy, business, science, medicine, and academics, and are selected by a distinguished Award Committee comprised of previous Stratton Laureates.

FOSI also sponsors the Stratton Fellowships, awarding a stipend and travel grant to a Swiss or American student or young professional designated by our Stratton Prize winners…to study and explore their field of endeavor, either in Switzerland or in the U.S.
A member-based organization, FOSI holds a monthly Stammtisch Luncheon and Speaker program, providing an ongoing learning opportunity, along with the chance to experience FOSI gemuetlichkeit, a decidedly Swiss sense of social camaraderie. All are welcome to attend. More about FOSI and our calendar of events can be found at
Past Stratton Laureates: 1966-2015

1966: Julius Adams Stratton: President of MIT and the Ford Foundation
1968: George W. Thorne: Professor of Medicine, Harvard
1969: Jerome C. Hunsaker: Prof. of Aeronautical Engineering, MIT
1970: Bradford Washburn: Mountaineer, Photographer, Founder of the Museum of Science
1971: Werner Imhoff: NZZ Correspondent in Washington, DC
1972: Michael Stettler: Art Historian, Director/ Abegg Stiftung, Bern
1973: Georges F. Doriot: Prof./ Harvard Business School, President/ American Res. & Dev.
1974: Charles E. Mongan: Mathematician & Physicist, MIT & ETH
1975: Ernst Huber: Director, Swiss Topographic Institute, Bern
1976: Alain B. Rossier: Professor, Harvard Medical School
1977: Charles S. Draper: Senior Scientist, Charles Draper Lab
1978: Agnes Mongan: Art Historian, Director/ Fogg Art Museum
1979: William D. Carter: UNESCO Officer, Geneva
1980: Randall Thompson: Musician, Teacher, Composer
1981: Conrad H. Biber: Physicist, Dir./ Advanced Technology Lab, Polaroid Corp.
George H. Büchi: Professor of Chemistry, MIT
Roger W. Jeanloz: Professor of Bio-Chemistry, Harvard
1982: Carl Einsele: Publisher of Science, Art, and Music literature, Basel
Thomas Karger: Head of Biomedical Publishing, Karger Publishers, Basel
1983: Bernard Brauchli: Musicologist, Cambridge Society for Early Music
1984: Victor E. Weisskopf: MIT Physicist, Dir./ CERN, Geneva
1985: Philip J. McNiff: Director/ Boston Public Library
Yen-Tsia Feng: Harvard College Librarian
1986: John Kenneth Galbraith: Harvard Economist, Author, US Ambassador to India
1987: Oscar Handlin: Harvard Historian, Humanist, Author
1988: Irene Vischer Honegger: Journalist, Supporter of the Busch Reisinger Museum
1989: Bruno Thurlimann: Prof. Structural Engineering, ETH
1990: Blanche Honegger Moyse: Founder of the Bach Music Festival, Brattleboro, VT
1991: Freddy Homburger: Research Scientist, Honorary Swiss Consul, FOSI Co-Founder
1992: Roman Totenberg: Violinist, Professor of Music, Boston University
1993: William J. Curran: Lawyer & Physician, Harvard and WHO, Geneva
1994: Charles E. Ziegler: Dr. Chemistry/ CIBA, President, Swiss Center Foundation, NY
1995 James H. Hutson: Chief of Manuscript Division, Library of Congress
1996: George Alessandria: Swissair Manager in Boston and Washington, DC
1997: Hans J. Bär: Chair, Jul. Baer Holdings, President, American-Swiss Assoc., Zürich
1998: Mary Davenport: US and International Opera Singer, 14 years at Zürich Opera
1999: Ruth Ruprecht: Prof./ Harvard Med. School, Researcher, Texas Biomedical Res. Institute
2000: Alfred Defago: Swiss Ambassador, Washington, DC
2001: Ernst Jost: Dr. Chemistry, Honorary Swiss Consul, Boston
Max Steinmann: Venture Capitalist, Honorary Swiss Consul, Boston
2002: Faith Whittlesey: US Ambassador to Switzerland, Pres./ American-Swiss Foundation
2003: Jane Swift: Former Governor of Massachusetts
Ralph Lewin: Politician, President/ Cantonal Executive of the Canton of Basel-City
2004: Daniel Vasella: Chairman and CEO, Novartis International
2005: Catherine N. Stratton: Former MIT First Lady, and Member of the MIT Women’s League
2006: Angelo M. Codevilla: Author, Professor of International Relations, Boston University
2007: Jeno C.A. Staehelin: Former Swiss Ambassador to the United Nations
2008: John A. Shane: President/ Palmer Service Corp. (VC management), Chair/ Abt Assoc.
2009: Douglas Sears: Educator, Diplomat, VP and Chief of Staff, Boston University
2010: Hansjoerg Wyss: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Founder of the Wyss Foundation
2011: Josef H. von Rickenbach: Founder, Chair, and CEO of Parexel International
2012: Iris Bohnet: Behavioral Economist & Prof. Public Policy, Harvard JFK School
2013: Marc Redlich: Attorney, Counsel to the Swiss Government and the Canton of Basel-Stadt
2014: Steven G. Hoch: Chairman/ American-Swiss Foundation, Co-Founder of Highmount Capital
2015: Renata von Tscharner: Founder and President of the Charles River Conservancy