#startupnews: Biognosys raises new funds for US expansion

January 12th, 2015 – Zurich, Switzerland – Biognosys, a Swiss next-generation proteomics company and current participant of swissnex Boston’s CTI Startup Entry CAMP, has secured significant funding from a corporate investment fund. The company is using the Series C financing round to establish business development and service operations in the US and to develop new workflows and products for high-content protein analysis.

“We believe that the ability to decode the proteome is key for a better understanding of life and will help to develop better drugs, crops, diagnostics and biomaterials in the future. Our mission is to enable researchers to effortlessly analyze whole proteomes by providing superior and easy to use analytical technology” says Dr. Oliver Rinner, CEO and co-founder of Biognosys.

He further says: “The main driver of revenue growth over the last two years has been the growing customer base benefiting from Biognosys’ proprietary HRM technology, a mass spectrometric method based on the SWATH-MS approach from the Aebersold lab at the ETH Zurich. The technology has gained a lot of attention from researchers in academia and industry because it reproducibly quantifies up to 8’000 proteins in a single sample run. We believe that with improved workflows and signal processing algorithms we will ultimately be able to essentially see the whole expressed proteome”.

Biognosys’ new operations will be established in Boston, which is home to one of the largest biopharma clusters in the US.

About Biognosys 

Biognosys is the leading company in next-generation proteomics. We make next-gen proteomics widely available through our services, the Spectronaut and SpectroDive software products for analysis of mass spectrometric data and accompanying workflow and quantification kits. Our technology quantifies proteins with unbeatable precision and depth.

Contact: info@nullbiognosys.ch, www.biognosys.ch