Innosuisse Start-ups in Residence

Get to know the start-ups that have taken up residency or will soon at swissnex Boston and swissnex in New York, as part of the Innosuisse Market Entry and Market Validation Camps.

AlgoTrader is the first fully-integrated algorithmic trading software solution for quantitative hedge funds. It allows automation of complex, quantitative trading strategies in Equity, Forex and Derivative markets.

Orbiwise is a Swiss company that develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things industry. A carrier-grade network server (orbiwan) for networks based on the LoRa TM technology is their core product. Their team has a very strong engineering foundation, with extensive experience in the wireless industry and a broad spectrum of competencies including cloud and embedded software, communication systems, RF/HW design and others. Their dedication to the success of their customers, and their passion for technology and innovation are two of their core values.

Piavita is targeting to revolutionize the veterinary industry by wearable medical devices that sit on the fur of a horse and enable in-depth high-precision measurements of medical vital signs like ECG, body core temperature, respiration, pulse, movements, and so on. All data is streamed wirelessly and in real-time to a web-based platform that is accessible for the veterinarian from anywhere at any time. With their solution, they offer a strongly enhanced care level, additional services for the vet to offer and save hours of manual monitoring work every day.

Vibwife is developing the world’s first mattress that’s designed specifically to actively mobilize the woman giving birth. The mattress mimics proven manual mobilization techniques. See a video here.


GRZ Technologies
GRZ Technologies is active in the field of renewable energy storage. Two products were released in 2017: a Hydrogen Compressor (HyCo) and an Advanced Gas Analysing System (AGAS). Both products are laboratory equipment for the scientific community as well as for quality control in industry. The company is also active in the development and realization of hydrogen based energy storage systems and is currently working on the build of such a pilot plant.

Lunaphore is a Swiss firm, building an innovative and fully automated tissue processing device for faster & more precise cancer diagnostics. They build tumor analysis platforms performing immunohistochemistry based on a microfluidic technology. A test can be done in a few minutes, which is more than 10 to 20 times faster than existing systems. They obtain an accuracy of 90% on tumor samples compared to existing technologies, which has been shown by clinical trials. Laboratories using their platform save more than 50% on overall costs.

UnBlu helps the world’s leading banks deliver an in-person experience online: see an informational video here.