Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is a hub for excellent education. Outstanding universities such as ETH Zurich and EPFL regularly rank globally among the top universities for science and technology. In addition, public research institutions such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and international organizations such as the United Nations have their headquarters in Switzerland.

The academic landscape in Switzerland comprises twelve universities awarding doctorate degrees, as well as eight universities of applied science, which offer a more practice focused approach to studying.

If you are looking for more in-depth information on the Swiss university system, you can either refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document, or refer to the swissuniversities website. And if you are currently in High School, check out this Resource Page.

Studying in Switzerland…in summer!

Featured summer opportunities from University of Zurich, University of Lucerne, and University of St. Gallen

Geneva Summer Schools

The Graduate Institute Geneva

EPFL Research Internship

Swiss Climate Summer School

International Business Summer School, FHNW

Swiss School of Public Health

University of Basel 

University of St. Gallen


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If you have any further questions, contact:

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