François Moncarey, "DISORDER". Swiss Digital Arts at SAT in Montreal


Make your mark in North America.

We empower Swiss-affiliated artists, designers, architects, and other creators to expand their reach in North America, gain exposure, and find the right partners through a personalized, tailored approach. We collaborate with a diverse group of Swiss and local partners, helping them to gain ground, grow their networks, and build visibility through conferences, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, performances and/or research trips. We create meaningful connections that drive new and innovative collaborative projects.

We strive to find the best partners and ecosystems for our stakeholders and are not only active in the greater Boston area cultural scene, but also in other major hubs, such as New York, Montréal, Chicago, Miami, and more.

Work With Us

Some of the ways we help Swiss-affiliated artists, designers, institutions, and others include:

  • Coordinating talks, symposia, and panels
  • Facilitating exhibitions and performances
  • Making targeted introductions to key players
  • Connecting the dots across disciplines and helping art and science meet
  • Promotion and publicizing of art/science projects in North America

Our role is as an organizer, collaborator, and partner. We build longterm relationships, make targeted introductions, and use our connections to generate new collaborative projects. We not only promote artistic output, but also encourage academic reflections on practices within the field.

To partner with us to achieve your goals, email Alex today.

Past Projects