Meet our new Junior Project Managers!



What is your background? 

I am a recent graduate in Civil Engineering form ETH Zürich. I also studied at Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg, Sweden, where I wrote my master’s thesis on frequency dependency of cyclically loaded soft soil.


What is the nature of your role at swissnex?

I am here as a science intern, which means that I’m responsible for monitoring science and technology in the Boston area. I try to capture everything and condense that into a monthly newsletter. I also summarize what is happening in Switzerland in terms of technology and innovation. So I need to stay informed and keep up with the news. I also give a hand to Felix (Dr. Felix Moesner, Consul, CEO) whenever he needs my help.


What do you like after your first weeks working at swissnex Boston? 

I like the people that are entering our door, because most of them are extremely interesting. By this I mean they have impressive backgrounds. Also here we have people working for startups; these are people who are extremely motivated and know a lot about the industries they research. I also like the opportunity to have a coffee with, say, a Harvard professor of mathematics.


Is it your first time in Boston? What are your first impressions? 

I stopped through Boston a few years ago while I was doing a New England trip; it was only for 3 days, so I don’t remember that much. It was an extremely intense trip. I could only visualize the harbor and a few other “touristy” highlights of Boston. When I came back for this internship, I realized how nice it is, you can bike everywhere. Also it is a big city, but not too large. I love the atmosphere, the bricks on the walls. The location of our office is also incredible: just next to Harvard Square but also close to Central Square and MIT. Being here, you really feel like you’re inside the epicenter of research, science and technology. I love the “nerdy-ness” of Boston: you’re always surrounded by so many smart people.


Is there something you want to achieve during your internship here at swissnex or during your stay in Boston? 

I want to take advantage of this stimulating environment. I have a technology background, so there are many clever people that I’m interested to meet, in order to expand my network as much as possible and see new horizons.



INES, 22


What did you do before coming to Boston?

I am currently working toward a Bachelor’s of International Management at EHL. It is my 3rd year out of the 4-year program. This internship is part of my program at EHL.


What would be your contribution to swissnex during your internship?

I trained as a Project Manager so part of my internship will be accounting, human resources, and IT. But at the same time I have a mandate from EHL for the admission officer of North America and Central America. And I help to promote EHL in the US though different fairs and universities.


What do you like after your first weeks working at swissnex?

I really enjoy that everyone is open minded and welcoming. Also, even though I only came here few weeks ago, I can see all the opportunities that swissnex and Boston has to offer– I have already met so many different people. And in the office, everyone has extremely different backgrounds, but in the end we all have this Swiss link between us and share similar values. I think it definitely contributes to this friendly ambiance that we have here.


Is it your first time here in Boston? How do you feel?

Yes my first time! The first thing I directly noticed here is the academic excellence that we have around us. We’re surrounded by all these prestigious universities and schools. People are extremely ambitious, and it’s great to be a part of this innovative vibe. People come here with a goal and a lot of motivation, but seem they also know how to enjoy the city during their free time.


What is your motto?

Live the life.




maulde cuerel

What did you study before coming to swissnex Boston? 

I graduated from ECAL last August, and obtained a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Marketing & Management at UNIL. Just before coming here I attended a Summer University at the Copenhagen Business School where I studied management for creative industries. I love everything related the creative process and innovation.


What is your internship position at swissnex? 

I’m a Junior Communications Manager, which means that I will help with promoting all the events coming up in September and over the next six months, and will help feeding all the different social media platforms that we use. I will also share some of my creative skills in photography, editing, illustration and so on.


After a week here, what do you like about swissnex? 

First, the team is great I feel like everyone is here for a reason and has incredible motivation. It is definitely inspiring to work surrounded by passionate people who have a sense of purpose for their job, and love what they do. And the office location enhances this ambiance by being located in Cambridge right next to Harvard and MIT. You can really feel that this is where things are happening.


What do you think about the east coast and Boston?

When I hear “east coast,” I immediately think about New York, where I did my exchange semester last year at School of Visual Arts. This is the first time I’ve come to Boston and my first impression was “It looks exactly like Walker Evan’s photos of Victorian Houses!” Because I am a huge fan of his work. The city itself is beautiful. I love that I can go everywhere by bike, It’s definitely more laid back than New York City.


Do you have a motto? 

‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, it means you’re in the wrong room.’ I always keep that in mind. Which is great here! I feel I can even hang out at the Starbucks and learn something new, like how mirror neurons affect our behavior. Which actually happened this morning.