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St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award 2017

Breaking the status quo – What’s YOUR disruptive idea? #disruptiondilemma

Take part in the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award 2017 to qualify for participation as a “Leader of Tomorrow” in the world’s premier opportunity for intergenerational debates: The 47th St. Gallen Symposium (3–5 May 2017).

Win CHF 20,000.-
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Apply until 1st February 2017

  • Join the debate with 600 top global leaders and decision makers
  • All expenses for travel, board and lodging paid; travel service provided
  • Meet 200 of the world’s brightest young minds
  • Present your thoughts and visions to hundreds of international leaders
  • Win the world’s foremost student essay contest, CHF 20,000.– prize money
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Come up with a disruptive idea

Write an essay to the question “Breaking the status quo – What is YOUR disruptive idea?” Let’s think beyond disruptive innovation in management and look at disruption more generally as something that breaks the status quo – be it in business, politics, science, or society. Pick the one of these four fields you are most passionate about, identify a problem of greater magnitude and come up with a disruptive idea to solve it. Your idea must aspire to inspire top-notch leaders worldwide. Do not free ride on the buzzword “disruption” but rather be bold and develop a truly novel and radical concept to win our prestigious award.

You are eligible if you are enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate level study programme (Master level or higher) in any field of study at a regular university as of 1 February 2017, and were born in 1987 or later.