The Ever Present Orchestra performs works by Alvin Lucier

Non-Event, the Züricher Hochschule der Kunste in Zürich (ZHDK) and swissnex Boston, present The Ever Present Orchestra (ft. Oren Ambarchi) performing works by Alvin Lucier: 4 electric guitars, 3 saxophones, 4 violins, and a piano.

Event Details


Le Laboratoire Cambridge
650 E Kendall St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 United States


November 11, 2017 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm


$15 for general admission, $10 for students + Non-Event Members

Photo credit above: Bob Antaramian

This concert celebrates the publication of a special Alvin Lucier box set that includes four LPs (12 “/ 180 gram), a CD, as well as a book of essays, interviews, scientific articles, and archival photos edited by the Ever Present Orchestra’s Bernhard Rietbrock. Alvin Lucier will be available to sign the box set after the program.

The Ever Present Orchestra is dedicated to the presentation of the work of the American composer Alvin Lucier. The orchestra attempts to make Lucier’s beating-pattern-focused instrumental music approachable to a wide audience with its uncommon instrumentation of 4 electric guitars, 3 saxophones, 4 violins, and a piano. Along with classically trained musicians, the presence of prominent Lucier interpreters such as experimental guitarist Oren Ambarchi, allows the ensemble to appeal to a wider audience than the conventional contemporary music scene. The Orchestra was founded by Bernhard Rietbrock after the 85th Birthday Festival of Alvin Lucier at the Zurich University of the Arts, as a part of the Swiss National Research Council project Reflexive Experimental Aesthetics after Alvin Lucier (Reflexive Experimentalästhetik nach Alvin Lucier). Its unusual instrumentation came about as a result of the presentation of the Lucier piece Hannover (2015), originally orchestrated for 3 banjos, 2 saxophones, 1 violin, 1 piano, 1 vibraphone, which was newly orchestrated for 3 electric guitars instead of banjos.

For this performance, the Ever Present Orchestra is:

  • Felix Profos: piano
  • Oren Ambarchi, Gary Schmalzl, Jan Thoben, Bernhard Rietbrock: electric guitar
  • Charles Ng, Joan Jordi Oliver Arcos, Valentine Michaud: saxophone
  • Rebecca Thies, Nora Peterhans, Christina Maria Moser, Fabienne Früh: violin

PROGRAM (all pieces by Alvin Lucier)

  • Braid (2012)
  • Two Circles (2012)
  • ~Intermission~
  • Hanover (2015)
  • Double Cross-Hatch (2017, Boston premiere)



Above: Alvin Lucier performing Sferics (1981), sound installation and recordings of ionospheric disturbances for large-loop antennas, tape recorder, and playback system, Middletown, Connecticut, late 1980s, courtesy Alvin Lucier and Tilton Gallery, New York.