The Mysteries of Superconductivity

Come visit us at the Cambridge Science Festival’s Carnival & Robot Zoo, and get a first hand experience of the effects and mysteries of superconductivity!

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Cambridge Rindge & Latin Field House, Cambridge Public Library, Broadway and Ellery Street,
Cambridge, 02138 United States


April 15, 2017 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm America/New York (UTC-05:00)


Free and Open to the Public

After last year’s Cellulo Robots by EPFL, and before that the giant human cell by University of Basel, we are thrilled to bring yet another exciting Swiss project to the legendary Cambridge Science Festival! In collaboration with University of Geneva’s Physiscope team we invite you to explore Superconductivity with us at Cambridge Science Festivals’ Science Carnival at the Latin Rindge & Latin School Field House (right across the street from our office!)


Photo: Louis Hugonnard

Nowadays superconductivity is a very active research field, with applications in medicine, energy, transportation and telecommunication. Despite the fact that superconductor materials have to be cooled down to very low temperatures, superconductivity is present in everyday life and its applications are increasing. The University of Geneva is highly involved in research on superconductors and quantum materials, with a very strong orientation to industry and knowledge and technology transfer.



The University of Geneva’s Physiscope representatives will be at the science carnival to show two very impressive properties of superconductors: levitation and pinning effect. Participants will test them, using small magnetic levitation kits and will feel how strong they are. These effects allow many applications, such as transportation without friction, which is very energy efficient; and energy storage. The flywheel presented on our stand shows that we’re already able to store mechanical energy and convert it into electricity during consumption peaks. This kind of set up is already used in everyday life.





School Vacation Week Drop-in Activity

April 18 – 20, swissnex Boston will host four superconductivity shows per day, one hour each in our event space at 420 Broadway, Cambridge. We are looking to welcome groups of up to 30 students for a one hour hands-on experience. Our facilitators are trained to address audiences from 8 years old to adults, and will tailor the program to the age of the particpants. To reserve a time-slot (9-10, 11-12, 1-2, or 3-4) please contact Jonas Brunschwig, Project Leader for Higher Education at swissnex Boston, at

This project is supported by Presence Switzerland.

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