North America Science Day

On October 27th we are hosting the first North America Science day in Zürich and Dübendorf, Switzerland.

Event Details


Eawag & University of Zürich
Zürich , ZH Switzerland


October 27, 2014

Together with our colleagues from swissnex San Francisco and the science offices at the Swiss Embassies of Ottawa and Washington D.C., we are hosting the very first North America Science Day in Zürich and Dübendorf, on October 27th 2014. 

With two events on the same day – one held at University of Zürich in Zurich, and one at Empa/Eawag in Dübendorf, Switzerland – we are thrilled to spread the word about research and collaborative opportunities in North America in partnership with two great institutions in the greater Zürich region.

Two events, same mission:

Our two events share the same objectives: To allow top members of academia to share their first-hand experiences and their stories of success collaborating within the US and Canada; to spread the word about the Swiss Science Network in North America to Swiss researchers and entrepreneurs; and to present opportunities for academics to collaborate with American and Canadian Institutions.



Morning: Empa/Eawageawag_logo

9.00 Lab tour on campus (with registration)
Lab tour 1: – Road Engineering/Sealing Components
– Applied Wood Materials
Lab tour 2: – Blue Diversion Toilet/Eawag
– Air Pollution/Environmental Technology

10.00 Welcome and Introduction
– David Biddle, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
– Janet Hering, Director Eawag
– Gian-Luca Bona, Director Empa

10.25 Ambassador’s Greetings

– Mauro Moruzzi, Ambassador, Head of International Relations at the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation
– Jennifer MacIntyre, Ambassador of Canada to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

10.35 swissnex and Science Offices
– Dr Felix Moesner, CEO/Consul, swissnex Boston and New York outpost
– Cyril Dorsaz, Head, Startup + Innovation Services, swissnex San Francisco
– Dr Urs Obrist, Science, Research and Education Officer, Embassy of Switzerland in Canada
– Andreas Ledergerber, Head, Office of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America

11.05 Scientific cooperations at Empa and Eawag
– Roman Fasel, nanotech@surfaces, Empa
– Blake Matthews, Aquatic Ecology, Eawag

11.35 Empa-/Eawag-Start-up companies working with North America
– Blue Diversion, Dr Heiko Gebauer
– QualySense, Francesco Dell’Endice, CEO
– Decentlab, Reinhard Bischoff, Managing Director

12.05 Swiss Innovation – made with IBM
– Dr Matthias Kaiserswerth, Director IBM Research, Zurich

12.15 Summary and Apéro riche

For more information and to register visit The Website of Empa/Eawag or download the Event Flyer:  NASD_Empa_Flyer


Afternoon: University of Zürich (UZH)uzh_sponsor

14.30 – 15.00 Registration, Networking and Coffee

15.00 – 15.05 Opening & Program
Dr. Yasmine Inauen, University of Zurich

15.05 – 15.15 Welcome Address
Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner, President University of Zurich

15.15 – 15.25 Welcome Address
Mauro Moruzzi, Ambassador, Head of International Relations at SBFI

15.25 – 15.35 Welcome Address
Suzan G. LeVine, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

15.35 – 15.55 EU↔US Funding Opportunities
Agatha Keller, EU GrantsAccess

15.55 – 16.25 Updates from swissnex Boston, swissnex San Francisco and the Science Offices in Ottawa and Washington
Dr. Felix Moesner
Cyril Dorsaz
Dr. Urs Obrist
Andy Ledergerber

16.25 – 16.40 Case Study 1 of successful cooperation with swissnex in North America
Carlo Ruiz, CEO of UZH Startup Flatev

16.40 – 16.55 Case Study 2 of succesful cooperation with research institutions and swissnex in North America
Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Fritschy,Director Neuroscience Center Zurich

17.00 – 18.00 Reception
Foyer West, UZH main building

For more information and to register visit The Website of University of Zürich UZH or download the Event Flyer: NASD_UZH