Venture Leaders 2017

After a very competitive process, a group of Switzerland’s most innovative start-ups have been selected for an action-packed journey to the US. This is part of the program venture leaders, co-organized by venturelab and swissnex Boston. The venture leaders in Life Sciences are composed of 10 high potential startups and will fly to Boston this summer for a “business boosting” week which will enable them to accelerate their development on the US market, meet top investors and experts as well as participate in hands-on workshops. We  invite you to follow the winners on their journey to the top.

Venture Leaders Life Sciences (Boston, June 11-17)

Rodrigo Araujo, ComphyaComphya developed an active implantable medical device to restore the erectile function of patients who are non-responsive to oral drugs- primarily focusing on patients with spinal cord injury.(medtech), EPF Lausanne
Patrizia Marschalkova, DriconisLymphedema is a frequently occurring and serious complication of cancer therapies. It is a chronic and progressive disease. Dicronis helps to drastically improve its prognosis by providing the earliest lymphedema diagnostic based on a micro-needle technology used to assess the lymphatic function in a simple, safe, minimally-invasive and cost-effective manner. (medtech), ETHZ
Georges Muller, DispencellBiotech companies spend USD 220 million per year in isolating the best candidate living cell for making new drugs. With the technology of Dispencell, they will be able to isolate single cell lines three times faster and ten times cheaper than with existing solutions. (biotech) EPF Lausanne
Andreas Schmocker, LumigboEvery day, more than 1 million implants are placed using open surgery. Lumigbo developed a technology to build up implants inside the body using an access channel of less than half a millimeter in diameter. The procedure can be used for almost any type of polymer-based implant.(medtech), EPF Lausanne
Urs Frey, MaxWell BioSystemsMaxWell BioSystems provides the most advanced electrophysiology instrumentation for high-throughput cell assays to accelerate drug discovery and advance basic research. Their toolset, consisting of an integrated sensor chip, acquisition hardware and software, can be applied in personalized medicine, e.g. using patient stem cell derived neurons for preclinical drug discovery.(mircotechnologies/biotech), ETHZ
Raphael Hostettler, Medical TemplatesMedical Templates developed the “Puncture Cube”, an ingeniously simple approach to computed tomography guided needle navigation for biopsies & pain therapy.Medical Templates is now aiming towards FDA approval by the End of 2017 to enter the US market. (medtech), ETHZ
Carlos Ciller, RetinAI MedicalBern-based RetinAI Medical focuses on empowering eye care professionals and doctors using artificial intelligence. They use the latest machine learning techniques & medical image processing to reach human-level performance for the assisted automatic evaluation of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Fundus Image Photography and retinal Angiography. These techniques can be applied to the early detection and screening of the following pathologies: Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), Glaucoma, and a multitude of neurodegenerative diseases.(medtech), UNIL
Francesco Petrini, SensArsLower limb amputees suffer from a lack of sensory feedback from prostheses causeing falls and asymmetrical walking causing high fatigue. They can also contract phantom limb pain. Due to such inconveniences, 60% of the amputees abandon their prosthesis. SensArs’ solution is SENSY, a unique worldwide product which allows amputees to naturally feel their missing limbs. (medtech), EPF Lausanne
Ivana Balic, SonoViewSonoView develops an accurate, safe and cost-effective imaging technology to help health professionals detect breast cancer at an earlier and more treatable stage. The technology aims at obtaining the same image quality as Magnetic Resonance Scanning at 1/10th of its cost. (medtech), EPF Lausanne
Mattias Larsson, SUINCoLSUINCoL develops tissue regeneration therapies, with the primary focus on non-invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence. SUINCoL’s main goal is to motivate investors to fund further development of its products and their respective clinical introduction.(biotech), EPF Lausanne

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