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“Last year I was part of the venture leaders program in USA and China. Both trips were amazing. I’ve met a lot of new investors and big industry names of these countries. (…) The market potential in these geographies is enormous, but it takes time to develop it. The trips were totally worth it.”

Hans-Anton Keserue, CEO of rqmicro


“A fantastic opportunity to perfect your sales pitch, value proposition, and get a first-hand experience with global start-ups and markets!”

Veronica Savuu, CEO of Morphotonix


“venture leaders has been a unique program to put my business development on the front burner. I returned with a ton of great contacts and a much clearer vision how to run my company and understanding of the US market. A must have if your ambition is to build a winning business.”

Jan Lichtenberg, CEO of InSphero


“Venture Leaders is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every Swiss Entrepreneur should go through. Looking back, I can say it was just essential to build my awareness to make GetYourGuide a global business and deal with international investors.”

Johannes Reck, CEO GetYourGuide


“venture leaders is possibly the best startup program to participate in. One week of full time entrepreneurial experiences along with a phenomenal group of people had a crucial impact on the success of funding our venture.”

Mark Gitzinger, CEO of BioVersys



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