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Start-ups in Residence

Want to bring your company to a new level and go international? swissnex can provide you with a desk and valuable contacts in the Greater Boston and NYC ecosystems – two of the leading innovation hubs in the US. Connect with potential clients, investors, and talent, in parallel to gaining access to legal and business advice from expert mentors.

Innosuisse Start-ups in Residence

Name Year Location Status Area Description
2019 BOS active Material Innovative technologies transforming the biocompatibility of medical implants

IDUN Technologies
2018 BOS active Material Producing the best electrodes for improved health and performance monitoring.

2018 NYC active ICT Prodibi is a unique image display solution that allows you to showcase and share your pictures in full quality and full speed on the web and mobile.

2018 Boston active BioPharma Next-generation antibiotics that withstand mechanisms of bacterial drug-resistance.

Opus Néoi
2018 NYC active Biopharma Next-generation antibiotics that withstand mechanisms of bacterial drug-resistance.

Seed BioSciences
2018 BOS, SF active Medtech Automated pipetting system for single-cell isolation.

YBand Therapy
2018 BOS, SF active Medtech Arm rehabilitation system with professional yet affordable and easy to use products.

2018 NYC active Life Sciences Vibwife is developing a mattress that actively mobilizes the woman giving birth.

GRZ Technologies
2018 BOS active Cleantech GRZ Technologies Ltd. is a company active in the field of renewable energy storage.

2018 BOS, SF active ICT (IoT) Orbiwise develops advanced technologies for the Internet of Things industry. A carrier-grade network server (orbiwan) for networks based on the LoRaTM technology is their core product.

2018 NYC active Fintech AlgoTrader is the first fully-integrated algorithmic trading software solution for quantitative hedge funds.

2018 Boston active Medtech Laboratory automation solutions with potential for research and tissue diagnostics based on a unique microfluidic technology, called Fast Fluidic Exchange (FFeX).

2018 NYC active Fintech UnBlu helps banks deliver an in-person experience online by guiding their customers to a successful completion of a business transaction.

Battrion AG
2017 BOS active Energy storage / Cleantech Li-ion batteries

Nelson Architect
2017 BOS active Cleantech Solar facade

2016-17 NYC, SF active ICT CodeCheck provides free information about critical ingredients of everyday products.

2016-17 NYC, SF inactive SaaS Teleport offers a unique service to turn any video in an immersive interactive website.

2016 BOS active Drones Aerotain developed safe indoor drones that are ideal for recording event videos.

2016 BOS active BioTech AlveoliX provides in-vitro solutions based on unique organ-on-chip technologies.

2016 NYC active Social Media Fanpictor uses ultrasonic sound waves to deliver data directly to smartphones.

2016 BOS active Manufacturing FEMTOprint offers 3D printed micro-devices out of glass and other materials.

2016 BOS, SF active Engineering / Software Seervison works with video analysis algorithms to make cameras autonomous.

Stuward (ex Explanate)
2016 NYC, SF active IT A platform for continuous family caregiver engagement for better dementia care.

Thera (ex Ability)
2016 BOS acquired by medica HealthCare / Robotics TheraTrainers are robotic training systems to facilitate rehabilitation.

2015 BOS active BioTech Abionic is revolutionizing the world of in vitro diagnostics based on nanotechnology.

allthings (ex qipp)
2015 NYC, SF active ICT/ SaaS Value-added services, efficient processes, digital communication for real estate.

2015 NYC, SF active ICT A digital workplace app combining operational and communication channels.

2015 NYC active Security Systems Comfy is the first effective home security solution, which is affordable for everyone.

2015 BOS active MedTech Creoptix develops and markets analytical instruments for drug discovery.
Hoosh 2015 NYC, SF inactive Marketing A marketing intelligence service that provides insight into any industry market.

2015 NYC active ICT A product to retain and increase audiences through custom video experiences.

2015 BOS, NYC active MedTech Technology to provide remote patient treatment app with an expert system support.

2015 BOS active MedTech The hydrogel from this Lausanne startup is an exact copy of human collagen.

2015 NYC active AgTech UF solutions enable you to produce ultra-local, ultra-fresh food in the city.

2013-15 BOS active MedTech Biognosys has developed a next-generation proteomics solution to digitize proteomes.

2014-15 BOS, NYC active EdTech Goodwall is a very exciting ed-tech/social network start-up with a unique culture.

HappyNumbers (ex Azbooka)
2014-15 NYC, SF active EdTech An online software approach that delivers an affordable individualized teaching service.

2014 NYC inactive ICT Pessoss AG developed a cloud-based service built on existing IT infrastructure as used by aid organizations, requiring only a simple mobile phone

2014 BOS active MedTech / ICT An application for monitoring the rehabilitation from upper limb impairments.

2014 BOS active MedTech Digital microscopy enabling digital in-vivo histology for complete tumor removal.

2013 BOS acquired by Novadaq MedTech Perfusion imaging at the surface of the skin without the need of any imaging agent.

2013 BOS, NYC active FoodTech flatev is revolutionizing the way people prepare fresh tortillas at home.

2012 BOS active BioTech A provider of proteomic services for industry and academia.

2012 BOS active ICT A developer of mobile applications and code management solutions.

2012 BOS active ICT A transactional banner advertising network and e-commerce application developer.

2012 BOS active AgTech QualySense is focusing on innovative high-throughput sorting technology.

Kandou Bus
2011 BOS active Tech KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.

2009-10 BOS active ICT Simulation Software for Power Electronics.