Academic Relations

Facilitating exchange between Swiss and North American researchers and academics

We work with some of the world’s leading academic and research institutions to facilitate partnerships that cross borders, disciplines, and methodologies. Our aim is to support Switzerland’s renowned academic ecosystem by engaging and attracting the world’s top research talent.

FEATURED PROJECT: Aerial Futures the Drone Frontier @ HUBweek


Access and attract top researchers in North America
Our Boston office is situated right between Harvard and MIT, two of the world’s top academic institutions. We have cultivated a network of talented and innovative researchers here in Boston as well as in New York City where we have a satellite office, and across much of the eastern United States and Canada. Let us help you engage with the heart of the North American research community.

Grow your university’s visibility in North America
We aim to increase our partners’ visibility through press outreach, customized activities and events, and targeted communications campaigns. Whether your objective is growing your reputation within a specific academic community or with the general public, we can work together to achieve it.

Get inspired with a customized “study tour”
Experience a specific industry or network in North America or gain access to the Boston or New York innovation and higher education systems at large. We can research and program an agenda tailored to your unique learning objectives. Past tours include:

  • An introduction to Boston’s life science ecosystem
  • An exploration of American universities’ administration offices

Our services are tailored to each individual partner. To explore how we can help you meet your goals, e-mail Jonas.


Learn more about our past academic relations projects here on our HQ’s swissnex Boston site.